Certified Blockchain Expert – 60 Hours

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Program Overview & Key Highlights

A must course for all technology professionals who want to make themselves ready for the future. The Learner will become a Blockchain Developer and will be ready to go for advanced Blockchain courses to become an expert designer / architect. Internship with a Blockchain Development organization is included.

Key Highlights:

  • a. All that is covered in Certified Blockchain Professional.
  • b. 60 hour in class / online learning. Delivered over 45-60 days.
  • c. Complete development stack on Ethereum / Hyperledger Sawtooth / Hyperledger Fabric.
  • d. Hands-On Lab and continued access for 12 months
  • e. Timely doubt resolution
  • f. One-on-One with industry mentors
  • g. Internship opportunity

What You’ll Learn

Complete development / programming stack for any one of Ethereum / Sawtooth / Fabric. Blockchain Basics, Classifications, Use Cases across Business Domains, All core components of Blockchain, Blockchain Types, Blockchain Protocols, Performance parameters, How to decided when and what type of Blockchain to use, industry specific Use Case, code repository, internship opportunity

  • Distributed systems and it’s applications
    • What are Distributed Systems
    • Syncronization challenges with Distributed Systems and previous approaches
  • Blockchain and its Impact?
    • Definition of a Blockchain; Why Blockchain is better than a traditional systems
    • History of Bitcoin; Blockchain Industry Developments
  • Cryptography & Blockchain Concepts
    • Asymmetric & Symmetric cryptography
    • Digital Signatures, nonce, hashing and their algorithms
    • Data Structures in Blockchain – Ledgers, Blocks, Transaction and Understanding Wallets
  • Distributed Ledgers and P2P Networks
    • P2P Architectures and advantages of P2P Paradigm
    • Decentralized applications (dApps) and DLT’s as a backbone
  • Use Cases & Applications
    • Describing some use cases
    • Blockchain Challenges – Adoption & Technical; Where NOT to Use Blockchain
  • Decentralization
    • Reliance on Intermediaries in Legacy Systems
    • Definition of Decentralization – Levels & Extents
    • Offchain & Onchain
  • Understanding Immutability and Consensus Mechanisms
    • Understanding Immutability
    • Requirement of Establishing Consensus and Consensus Mechanisms (PoW (Double Spend Problem), PoS, PoET Mechanisms
  • Blockchain Classifications
    • Types of Blockchain & their Features – Private, Public, and Permissioned Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts and Logic Tier
    • Smart Contracts as the next Logical Frontier
    • Definition of Smart Contracts
    • Applicability of Smart Contracts
  • QUIZ
  • Introduction to Ethereum
    • Genesis and architecture(Theory)
    • Properties and characteristics(Theory)
  • Wallets, currencies and token-economics
    • units in ethereum, fees, meta-mask/mist, ERC-20, ERC-721(T + L)
  • Ethereum networks and node operations
    • Different networks in Ethereum(T)
    • Geth node setup and wallet creation(L)
    • Geth node based different operations – syncing, mining, ether transfer, etc.(L)
  • Basic ethereum application
    • web3 service providers(T)
    • Wallet creation and storage(T + L)
    • Simple transfer ether application(L)
  • Smart-contracts on Remix
    • Data structures in solidity(T)
    • Commands in solidity and best practise(T)
    • Smart-contract development and testing(L)
  • Ethereum DAPP
    • Introduction to truffle framework(T + L)
    • Smart-contract integration in application(L)
    • Smart-contract Coverage( L)
    • Block events and transaction status(L)
  • Advanced smart-contract concepts
    • Smart-contract best practices and scaling transaction(T)
    • Floating point errors and safemath(T + L)
    • Hashing and signature verification in solidity(L)
    • Limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks
  • QUIZ
  • Other Blockchain Development Networks
    • Multi-chain, Tendermint, Corda, Stellar and other Development Applications
    • Salient Features
    • Use Cases*
  • Multilayer Middleware and Design
    • Architecting Blockchain Solutions
    • A thought on Blockchain with IOT, AI/ML*
    • Design Considerations
  • The Outlook Ahead (Hashgraphs)
    • Concept of Hashgraphs
    • Improvements in Throughput
  • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain
    • Utilities of Blockchain in the Future
    • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain
    • Introduction to Scaling and Production
  • Project
    • Project work (Off site, Cloud VM for individual trainee, email Q&A, Final review)


Knowledge of Computer Networks and Databases; One programming language; Basic understanding of Blockchain is good to have knowledge. Good understanding of business processes of at least one business domain

Certifications & Lab Access

Blockchain Fundamentals advance Certification powered by ZEEVE & CERTIZA and Blockchain Lab access for 6 months

Who Should Attend?

Technology Professionals and Engineers who are keen to get into deep learning of Blockchain and wanting to make a career into Blockchain technology by becoming a certified Blockchain Developer / Architect

Ravi Chamria

ITpreneur and Blockchain thought leader backed by 20+ years of experience in creating IT products and ventures in the areas of Fintech, InsurTech, Supply Chain and eCommerce. Ravi has been an evangelist and early adopter of Blockchain Technology and has designed various products and solutions. As founder of Sofocle Technologies, a leading Enterprise Blockchain company in the world, Ravi has experience of more than 3 years in Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Ravi has been a keynote speaker and moderator for Blockchain in various conferences and seminars across the globe. Has conducted workshops for various Banks and Enterprises.

Ghan Vashishtha

Technology enthusiast and inventive speaker on Blockchain, IOT, AI/ML with more than a decade of expertise in niche industry sets including Telecommunication, Defense & Aerospace and Media & Broadcasting. Exploring futuristic technology trends and innovating Blockchain platforms for supply chains, Fintech and Energy segments intriguing IoT, Big Data & AI/ML. In past has played an Integral role in migration to VOIP when twisted pair ruled the world. Led game changing, futuristic & combat ready solutions for international Defense market.

Jeeven Saini

Blockchain enthusiast and a global Leader backed by 30+ years of exceptional experience in setting up technology delivery units, delivering TCO reduction, building high performing teams, delivering innovative business solutions, managing technology risk & security and large transformational programs for global IT organizations and Banks across India, APAC, Middle-East, Europe and North America.

A leader with more than 4000 hours of global experience in mentoring, coaching and training covering more than 1000 professionals at different levels.

Sankalp Sharma

Blockchain Architect, Innovating and leading a team of engineers in the space of distributed systems, supervising development in variety of products in different domains like, Fintech, Supply-chain, Insurance, Healthcare etc.