How to become a certified blockchain expert?

How to become a certified blockchain expert.


Innovative technological interference needs time to acquire people’s attention. Blockchain is one such appealing technological advancement that has transformed different fields and gained a lot of attention. It has an impact on business, finance, transactions, and education. It has increased the demand for blockchain experts. This is why we have so many queries about how to become a blockchain expert? Sofocle Labs offers universities and colleges a way to harness the power of Blockchain and help their students deploy it in different fields. The certification course is integrated into the University degree curriculum to allow the aspirants to become professional Blockchain engineers and architects of the future.

Acknowledging the significance of certification and good practices can help individuals find promising careers in blockchain technology. Blockchain is a futuristic technology, and future companies will need assurance that an applicant has the potential to help them with it. So, regardless of your apprehensions, the discussion given below will help you get some guidance to accomplish blockchain certification.

Where to begin to develop your career as a professional blockchain expert?

A beginner’s journey to becoming a certified blockchain expert may begin with several doubts. One of the most common doubts is the definition and opportunities offered by blockchain technology. In simple words, it is a virtual, distributed ledger that works as a database to record transactions in block form arranged sequentially.
To clear your concept, you may find several foundation-level Blockchain courses to commence your preparation for becoming a professional blockchain engineer. There are advanced blockchain courses and executive blockchain courses for professionals to polish their skills and consistently enhance their knowledge in this ever-evolving field.

Take a look at the trends

Any applicant would want assurance of the long-term opportunities with their blockchain career. After all the effort and time, you need assurance of a fruitful career.

The blockchain market size is aimed to grow $ 4.9 billion in 2021 and to $67.4 billion by 2023 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 68.4%. The primary promoting factors are increased venture capital funding, investment in Blockchain, its usage in banking, payment, smart contracts, and cybersecurity.

According to Statista Research Department, the global expense on blockchain solutions will reach $6.6 billion by 2021 and further reach $19 billion by 2024.

Another essential factor that will ease your doubts is the salary of a certified blockchain expert. The common jobs of a certified blockchain expert include blockchain developers, blockchain architects, and blockchain engineers. The yearly salary of a certified blockchain expert is $150,000. The salary is on par with Artificial Intelligence developers and other specialized engineering roles.

The numbers clear out all the doubts about having a career in Blockchain. As a matter of fact, the course serves as a great motivation to try out for a blockchain certification exam.

Step-by-step procedure to become a certified professional in Blockchain

So, what is the verified pathway for starting your career? According to experts at Sofocle Labs, the answer is a suitable blockchain expert certification course. It is an efficient tool to enhance your abilities and knowledge and get a fundamental and advanced understanding of blockchain technology. Colleges and professionals can integrate the course and provide certifications to showcase a candidate’s ability to use their knowledge and skills for executing blockchain applications.

The certified blockchain expert course is a 30-hour or a 60-hour program with flexible learning. The course will educate you about the core components of Blockchain and give you comprehensive knowledge of use cases and applications, basic Ethereum application and blockchain protocols, and performance parameters.

Once the learning phase is done, you can give the official certification exam and become a certified blockchain expert.

The program includes a training course, hands-on assignment, and interactive sessions with an exam to assess your skills. You will get bonus material and guidance to advance in your blockchain career.

The certification exam will help your blockchain knowledge in blockchain applications and contribute to your proficiency and readiness. Most importantly, it will help you direct your career in any way you want, either as a developer or your own blockchain enterprise.

The step-by-step procedure to become a certified expert in Blockchain is:

Pick a particular certification: Different certification course providers offer courses tailored to meet different blockchain job positions. However, you should choose a certification that helps you grow into an expert blockchain professional. For example, the BCT foundation course can be a prolific option in this case. It enables you to get the basic knowledge of blockchain technology.

Begin your preparation: After choosing the certification, you should start preparing for it. Choose an appropriate platform for your training. The platform will give you access to specific resources. You can get personalized support at all levels to enhance your preparation.

Use all the given resources: The online training course offers you different resources to be a certified blockchain expert, such as whitepapers, tutorials, demo videos, interactive sessions, learning material and practicing exams. Polish your skills in practical lab exercises and improve your ability to address blockchain technology use cases.

How does a certified blockchain expert course help you?

The details of the certification exam and the benefits of a blockchain technology career may motivate the students to prepare for the certification course instantly. But, you need to know that the students are starting from the basics in the blockchain realm.
Hence, colleges should first prepare to gain the basic eligibility for the expert certification course. Once the students have covered the pre-requisites, they can start with the course. The course will help them accomplish these things with ease.

Know all about the basics, classifications, and use cases
The journey of a certified blockchain expert starts with collecting information about the basics of blockchain technology. This step is essential for beginners as it is not advised to dive directly into the technical aspects of blockchain technology without knowing the fundamentals.

Your principal goal here is to develop an understanding of the basics of blockchain technology. Once you get an in-depth understanding of the blockchain glossary, you can proceed to the advanced level.

Gain knowledge about different blockchain platforms
The certification course helps you get full-fledged knowledge of all blockchain platforms such as Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ethereum. All blockchain platforms work differently, so it is important to know the standard pattern. It is essential for all technical and non-technical careers. For instance, even a blockchain marketing candidate should have information about blockchain platforms to present feasible solutions to clients.

Develop business intelligence
The certification helps an applicant get-acquire business intelligence. It allows the application to develop a business ideology to use blockchain technology to manage issues in a company. A blockchain expert should have a full-fledged overview of the relationship between different teams for efficient coordination.

Acquire information on different decentralized and distributed ledgers
Blockchain is a distributed ledger, and after you become a certified blockchain expert, you get information on different decentralized and distributed ledgers. This step helps you know the pros and cons of other distribution platforms and use them to enhance Blockchain technology. In addition, it will give insights into your blockchain career journey after acquiring a technical outline of decentralized and distributed ledgers.

Monitor enterprise business processes
Another promising result of certified blockchain expert certification is to gain knowledge about enterprise business processes. This helps to acquire ease in the effective use of blockchain technology.

Information on enterprise business processes like purchase, logistics, distribution, and other operations can enhance your business acumen. The certification increases your business perspective of using blockchain technology, experience, and knowledge in business processes.

Career options in Blockchain

All aspiring candidates should find out the different career opportunities available in Blockchain technology. Here is a detailed impression of your options as a Blockchain certified expert.

Blockchain developer: They are programmers skilled in creating blockchain applications. They help companies gain the maximum benefits from blockchain platforms. A blockchain developer has complete experience in JavaScript, Python, and C++.

Blockchain architect: A blockchain architect designs blockchain solution components and then connects them. They work with developers, designers, and network administrators to develop blockchain solutions.

Blockchain UX designer: An accredited professional in Blockchain can become a UX Designer in the field of Blockchain. The UI is a significant concern for different industries using the technology. A blockchain designer can develop an engaging interface for users.

Blockchain quality engineer : A quality engineer ensures that everything in the blockchain development environment meets standards. Their job role involves resting and automating different blockchain frameworks.

Blockchain consultant: Once you acquire good experience in this field, you can reach the position of Blockchain consultant. They optimize your business through blockchain techniques and provide important suggestions for executing the technology.
They are updated with the recent blockchain technology trends and know how to maintain the existing ones.

Blockchain legal advisors: Blockchain legal advisors offer recommendations when investing in blockchain technology. They help companies accomplish full-fledged compliance with standard benchmarks while using blockchain technology.

Ready to become a blockchain expert

Blockchain is a new technology, and you cannot overlook its impact in the future. If you want to capture this chance, then go for a career as a blockchain expert. Now you know the process of becoming one. Follow the guidelines, and you will shine as a professional in any field you go to. If you are a university or any academic field and want to include blockchain based courses by Sofocle Labs for your students, click here!

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