Some of our esteemed clients and partners are:

The demand for blockchain talent is growing at over 40% per quarter. According to LinkedIn, Blockchain is the topmost in the 10 most employable skills in demand. Hence the need for blockchain talent arises naturally. Currently there are approximately
50,000 skilled resources who are industry-ready globally. This number is far less than the actual demand for Blockchain talent in the market. Sofolce Labs offer support in developing the workforce of tomorrow. We partner with
universities, colleges, corporates, and government to not only provide in- person and online training but also set up a Centre of Excellence for them in the form of Blockchain Virtual lab. Along with this, Sofocle Labs also
brings in Industry connect and offers Internship and job

opportunities to the meritorious students and professionals. We provide our LMS as a white label solution to our ecosystem partners. This way the partners can focus on their core competencies and the time to market slows down dramatically for them. The
curriculum we offer is disbursed through Classroom or Online Workshop / MDP, Video Based Training, Virtual Online courses, ISA. Not only this, our offerings for the students also include incubation and internship opportunities