5 PM on June 8, 2020

What is Tokenization of Assets in Context of Blockchain

Blockchain tokenization is powerful because it seems to be leading to an evolution in ownership, allowing tokenization of everything. A method that converts rights to an asset into a digital token. But what really is Tokenization in blockchain context for the layman?

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How can you be a part investor in a Picasso painting worth millions or a fractional owner of a beach villa with $1000 to invest? How do you buy and trade in gold without the hassles of storage? How do you trade in shares of
a company in the secondary market in a trustless and transparent way?

Tokenization of Assets is the answer.

Today, the trading of an asset is a tedious bureaucratic process requiring a lot of documentation and intermediaries. Blockchain revolutionized the world with its ability to allow value transactions in a completely trustless
and transparent environment. It helps establish clear ownership of title, proof of provenance, chain of custody and immutable ledger records. It started with the currency and now with the help of Blockchain, any asset can be
tokenized and traded with all these benefits. Learn more with us how Tokenization of Assets is shaping the Financial Industry of tomorrow!


Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder & CEO Zeeve, Passionate about Blockchain, Technology Innovation, Strategic Management, Ravi has an experience of 20+ years in IT consulting spanning across Fintech, InsureTech, Supply Chain and eCommerce.

Jeeven Saini

CEO SofocleLabs, Blockchain enthusiast and a global Leader with 30+ years in the industry.


Monday, 5 PM on 8 June 2020

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